I wear many hats , I'm a music producer, Rapper, Songwriter, mixing and mastering engineer, digital compositor, illustrator, novice animator, novice environment designer, aspiring game developer, NFT creator, sound designer, aspiring director, aspiring cinematographer, novice modeler, intermediate visual effects technical director, with a background in finance.
Yes that's a lot of hats  add IP creator to the the list and this is my latest project, although I shouldn't say latest as this has been in development since around 1996. Didn't know how I was going to do this but I knew that one day I would, the technology has caught up so, now I can realize the vision and passion I have had from long ago.
This a story about human potential, and the ability to always constantly improve, how by using your skills you can acquire more. The constant pursuit of greatness, never ever settling for mediocrity. I started with one talent which was illustration, now I have many more than what I started with, because I never buried my gift I used it , harnessed it until I had all these other talents and the journey is not over yet. I hope this inspires a lot of people and I hope it inspires you the reader and I hope you can join me on this journey.

Barney "The Sabanrab" Muketiwa
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