During the sixth stage of creation where man were created, Other beings were created as well. These beings were charged with a sacred duty to protect the universe from intergalactic threats. Unlike man who were created in GOD’s image , these beings were created in similitude to humans, however without their weaknesses. These beings were given supernatural powers in order to fend off these threats. Their planet is called Palladium which is about 111 times the size of earth. The planet is governed by a monarch at present it is Co-ruled by brothers. In order for one to rule this planet , one must possess superior combat abilities, righteousness , intelligence as well as charity ,seeing as these beings are a warrior race guided by the principles of Divine law . Their strength is drawn from righteousness and obedience to GOD. Although not as powerful as Angels, they are a level below, yet above the fallen ones. At a young age they are trained to defeat threats to the universe and tested to gage their potential. They’re taught divine laws and science at this young age, disciplined early to correct disobedience and by the time that they are grown, righteousness is a part of their fabric. The most formidable are chosen to be the rulers and generals. In most cases 13 are chosen from the cream of the crop , with the best being the ruler or King and the rest being Generals. The tests are done every 125 million years and at present there are 14 that display abilities far superior than most and the two brothers were tied in their tests, thus becoming co-rulers. The Generals are made up of 6 males and 6 females. The whole planet is a paradise and divine laws are followed by all. Because of their obedience to GOD this race was able to advance at far greater pace than the humans of earth , there was no immorality nor the worshiping of false gods, it’s a planet similar to the kingdom or city of Zion. The mysteries of the universe as well as of the divine were revealed and taught to all the inhabitants of this planet. None stray nor have strayed from the path of righteousness. All live line upon line precept upon precept. Sickness, pain and misery are known however they were overcome and aren’t debilitating on this planet. The planet has had 36 rulers in 4.543 billion years with 14 belonging to Magna and Paragon’s family the rest belonged to the other 12 Generals each with 2 from each family. The half life of the people of Palladium is 250 million years , full life at 500 million years, then translation to a different life or form.
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